Redken Braid Aid 03

Those of you that follow me on snapchat / facebook page ( bellaleesblog ) will know that I was in Chaplins Hair Salon , Dundalk during the week to get my little Redken fix 🙂 I rang to book an appointment on Tuesday and you know yourself a busy Salon you would think they may not… Continue reading Redken Braid Aid 03


Confirmation & Communion Outfits

It's that time of year to start thinking about what your going to wear to a Confirmation or Communion. There is so much beautiful Spring/Summer wear coming in now that we can incorporate lots of pastels and prints into our outfit. I'm sure you will figure out soon that pastel colours are my favourite colours… Continue reading Confirmation & Communion Outfits

Skin Care

Dermalogica Facial at Aura Beauty

Hello Beauty Lovers, I went for my very first Dermalogica Facial yesterday at Aura Beauty Salon in Seatown, Dundalk, and I just HAD to share my experience with you! ❤ I will go into detail about my Dermalogica facial in just a moment but firstly I just want to mention a little about Aura Beauty, as a… Continue reading Dermalogica Facial at Aura Beauty

Skin Care

Get UN-ready with me & Coconut Oil

I was just getting my skin ready for bed there and it dawned on me how I actually do it. I only use one product. Coconut Oil. My skin can be a little sensitive and break out easy if I use makeup removing wipes or some products tend to be a bit harsh on my… Continue reading Get UN-ready with me & Coconut Oil


Hollywood Sign Hike

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign   This was one of the major things on my bucket list to do when I arrived to L.A - See the Hollywood sign. (such a tourist) Firstly we went to the Griffith Observatory which was pretty cool and gives you a great view over the city and the Hollywood… Continue reading Hollywood Sign Hike



Hello Beauties, So a lot of you will be able to see from my Facebook and Instagram pages that before I was blonde/pink I had dark chocolate brown hair in perfect condition - which I didn't realise until now. ( a typical case of you don't know what you have until its gone lol but live and learn… Continue reading Redken

Skin Care

PS … Pro Lip Scrub

Hello there, 🙂 So last week or the week before ( days are rolling into eachother lol ) I wrote a blog reviewing the ''Ps .... Love to Glow Facemask'' from Penney's and I've decided to follow up on it by reviewing the ''Ps...Pro Lip Scrub'' 🙂 I got the ''Ps...Pro Lip Scrub'' from Penney's in The Marshes… Continue reading PS … Pro Lip Scrub


Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Hello Beautiful Ladies 🙂 A lot of you might have heard about this beauty of a bargain foundation. I've been hearing good and bad about it so I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you 🙂 Catrice's HD Liquid Coverage foundation is possibly one of my favourite bargain foundations I've tried so far… Continue reading Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

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Ps Love to Glow Face Mask

''Ready ... Steady ... Glow !!''     I'm sure you will realise soon that I love a good bargain - especially when it turns out to be a great product! It's a win win 😀 I was shopping in Penney's ( Primark ) the other day in the Marshes Shopping Center in Dundalk when I came… Continue reading Ps Love to Glow Face Mask