Shine Bright Like a Diamond with Diamond Oil :)

Hello Beauties, Who here is bored having dull hair? Don't you just wish your hair had that natural glowing shine ALL the time? Maybe you want this gorgeous shine look but products just don't seem to be working for you? I got just the products for you today - Redken Diamond Oil!! - Yep ladies… Continue reading Shine Bright Like a Diamond with Diamond Oil 🙂

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Honey House Bee Butter

Hello Beauties 🙂 Have you ever felt like your skin is just dry?.....Even with moisturizer after a while it seems to feel dry again?....I certainly have, Its really frustrating! The other day I got a lovely little gift bag from Castletown Pharmacy just as a little thank you for chatting about them in my blog posts… Continue reading Honey House Bee Butter

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Bellamianta New Dark Tan

Hello Ladies, I hope you all had the time to read my tan prep blog post from during the week because now its time to hear about the NEW Bellamianta Dark tanning lotion! I love fake tan. I always feel more confident in myself when I'm wearing it and everything just looks a little better… Continue reading Bellamianta New Dark Tan

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Get Your Skin Tan Ready!

Hello Beauties, If you have my snapchat (bellaleesblog) you would see that I received a gorgeous little gift bag from the Castletown Pharmacy and one of the goodies they gave me was the New Bellamianta Tan! ( I am so excited to try this out!! ) I will definitely be doing a blog post on this… Continue reading Get Your Skin Tan Ready!


How I spent my days off in Malibu

Hello again 🙂 If you are a follower of my blog you will know that I traveled to Los Angeles last year to work for a few months & I've decided to share my most memorable expereinces with you all 🙂  If you are just new to my blog... welcome!! If your interested in travel… Continue reading How I spent my days off in Malibu


My Hair Journey with Chaplins – From Broken & Damaged to Nourished & Strengthened !

Hello again dolls, As you all know I've been keeping you in the loop of my hair journey - My blog is like my little diary for this section 🙂 If you are only tuning in now why don't you check out my previous posts starting with Redken Blog Post Part 1 here you will see… Continue reading My Hair Journey with Chaplins – From Broken & Damaged to Nourished & Strengthened !


Penneys Latest Looks

Do you ever go into Penneys / Primark buy loads of things and when you get home you realise you didn't really buy things to match. I have put together some of Penneys latest trends to give you an to say I'm going into Penneys after I seen these looks ! Pretty in Pink… Continue reading Penneys Latest Looks


Flormar Illuminating Primer

Hello Beauties, Just a short and sweet blog post today. 🙂 I received a sample of the Flormar illuminating primer the other day from Castletown Pharmacy in Dundalk and I just thought I'd let you know what I think of it. It's that time of year where we start to lay off the full coverage, heavy makeup… Continue reading Flormar Illuminating Primer


Flawless Smoky Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette

I bought this little beauty a few days ago from my local pharmacy Castletown Pharmacy , Dundalk and if you got me on snapchat - bellaleesblog you would know that I promised you a review of this product. I really wanted to review it because I haven't heard much about it and well curiosity got the better… Continue reading Flawless Smoky Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette