Ghd Travel Hair Dryer

Hello ladies,

Things have been a little crazy this last few weeks which is why I haven’t had much time to post some of my latest blogs so I thought I’d share with you my review of my new ghd travel sized hair dryer!

I got this hairdryer from Chaplins Hair Salon last week and I love it!


You know when you buy a hairdryer for traveling and well its just ok? Not much power in it and well if your anything like me I usually give up trying to dry my hair with it and just let it go naturally, which can be a pain but I’m a little impatient when it comes to my hair as you all know from reading my previous posts haha.

But this little beauty is actually amazing. I cant really tell the difference between it and my normal hairdryer.

The GHD travel hairdryer has 80% of the same power as your salon hairdryers. – Amazing! It was developed with a powerful 1200W motor and its foldable! Its very light in weight which is kind of essential for traveling. It has 2 heat settings and also has a detachable nozzle and it has a 1.5 metre cord πŸ˜€

ghd fold

Like I said above I don’t have much time for your everyday travel hairdryers – I personally just never found them any good and powerless but this little beaut is amazing. I have now stopped using my normal hairdryer and I’m just using my little GHD travel sized hair dryer πŸ™‚

ghd box

It really does allow you to achieve a salon worthy blow-dry on the move πŸ˜€

You can purchase this dryer from Chaplins Hair Salon which is on sale from €59.00 down to €49.00 !! Β Its a purchase you wont regret πŸ˜€


Chat soon dolls



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