Skin Care

Honey House Bee Butter

Hello Beauties 🙂

Have you ever felt like your skin is just dry?…..Even with moisturizer after a while it seems to feel dry again?….I certainly have, Its really frustrating!

The other day I got a lovely little gift bag from Castletown Pharmacy just as a little thank you for chatting about them in my blog posts ( so sweet! )… In my little goodie bag along with a few other little things, was a body butter. The Honey House Bee Butter. 

body butter

I can safely say ladies my skin feels amazing after I put it on. I use it after my showers and pay close attention to my elbows, hands, knees – mainly because I like to apply tan soon after – ( speaking of tan why don’t you check out my blog post on prepping your skin for the perfect tan – Get Your Skin Tan Ready!

The Honey House Bee Butter Body Butter is in an 8 Oz tub. It is kind to your skin all over, I personally don’t use it on my face because it is very rich and thick. Its made up of Precious Honey, Beeswax and Royal Jelly, the “nectar of youth” for the Queen Bee, naturally retains moisture in thirsty skin cells. As you massage it into your own royal skin, you will sense the restorative, soothing influence of all things natural.

It is beautifully thick and leaves your skin feeling fresh, nourished and moisturized all day long 🙂 Oh not to mention there is a citrus smell to it which is fab! I also think when I shower my tan and apply this body butter it masks the smell of the tan – also a huge plus!

body butter 2

Speaking of tan….again…. I would definitely recommend this Body Butter for anyone who is using or did use sunbeds, as sunbeds can dry out your skin more then usual its a great way to keep on top of the moisture 🙂

You can buy this Body Butter at CastletownPharmacy for €21.55, for some of you it may sound a little expensive but trust me it will last you!

Let me know what you think Ladies, I always love to hear from you all!

Chat soon,

Shannon ❤



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