My Hair Journey with Chaplins – From Broken & Damaged to Nourished & Strengthened !

Hello again dolls,

As you all know I’ve been keeping you in the loop of my hair journey – My blog is like my little diary for this section 🙂

If you are only tuning in now why don’t you check out my previous posts starting with Redken Blog Post Part 1 here you will see how my hair got to the state it was and I go into great detail about the Redken products that was used and still being used to bring my hair back to life!

For those of you who have been reading from the start you all know that I wanted that pink hair craze and I got it…. along with a lot of unwanted damage and distress to my hair (sign)… but I learnt my lesson 🙂

6 weeks ago I walked into Karen Mc Ardle who owns Chaplins Hair Salon in Dundalk and her amazing team of hairdressers and if you have read my previous blog post you will know that when I walked into them…….my hair looked like this…..

Yep…. as you can see, pretty bad condition. It was damaged, distressed, snapping at the pull of a brush, dull…I could go on.

I had a team of 5 hair dressers on my head deciding the best way to treat my hair and there was only one solution….REDKEN EXTREME! On my first visit they used the Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner, Redken Extreme CAT treatment, Redken Heat cure & the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. So after one round of treatments of all these products this was the end result…..

Big difference ! The secret with treating your hair and treating it right is to do your homework! – This was the advice Siobhan gave me and I swear by it! I bought all the products I listed above apart from the Heat Cure treatment which I get done in the Salon and I now refuse to use anything else in my hair apart from Redken.

Redken Extreme products are designed to cleanse, strengthen & repair hair while protecting its natural shine ( in my case my natural shine was long gone so these products had a little extra work to do )

For the past 6 weeks I have been using a pink colour bomb called the 005 nurti colour creme that I also got from Chaplins Hair Salon, but this week I just decided I want to start trying to get back to my natural self – Brunette.


I went into the girls yesterday morning and told them I’m ready to start getting back to myself but I want to do it in a way that wont cause my hair any damage what so ever.

Siobhan & Grace came together to decide the best possible way to make this happen and of course they worked their magic!

They decided to Pre colour my hair with Wella Perfection – this was to enhance the toner while creating a balance and refreshing my hair in order for my hair to grasp the toner.

They then went in with the Wella Colour Touch – which was low commitment, ammonia free and a multi-dimensional semi-permanent hair colour, suitable for people who like to change their tone regularly – like me 🙂 –

My hair was washed using RedKen Shampoo and Conditioner ( of course! ) & I also got to use some Redken Diamond Oil before my blowdry – this is also a new favourite of mine and I will be doing another blog post on the products they stock in Chaplins Hair Salon but for now back to my Hair Transformation 🙂

The results I got from this treatment was not what I expected at all! I thought my hair would maybe go 2 shades darker, into a dark blonde and I also was prepared for my hair not to grab the colour at all. But this was my results….




6 weeks ago this would have been impossible to do on my hair it probably would have fallen out if this was attempted but now…. after only 6 weeks of using Redken products and treatments….It was possible! & I think this picture speaks for itself 🙂

I am finally back to a full head of healthy, strong and natural shiny hair – All thanks to the amazing girls at Chaplins Hair Salon and the Redken Products 🙂

I am still going to keep up with my treatments and keep you posted on my journey – We have come a long way in such a short space of time but we aren’t done yet 🙂

I will be doing another blog post on Chaplins new Redken products that’s coming into stock and you won’t want to miss out on these!…….WATCH THIS SPACE! 😉

That’s all for now lovies,

Chat soon,

Shannon ❤


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