Redken Braid Aid 03

Those of you that follow me on snapchat / facebook page ( bellaleesblog ) will know that I was in Chaplins Hair Salon , Dundalk during the week to get my little Redken fix 🙂


I rang to book an appointment on Tuesday and you know yourself a busy Salon you would think they may not remember you by a phone call. So I told them my first name and before I got my last name out they new exactly who I was, what treatment I was receiving and even the name of the hairdresser that I book with.

There customer service is amazing! ❤

So I booked in for the same treatment as before:  A toner to blow out my roots a little more ( I’m slowly but surely getting myself back to my natural brown ), A wash using Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner – Strength and Repair for Sensitized Hair and also using the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Serum before blow drying my hair.

I was never one to pay close attention to my hair, honestly I never needed to. But since I bleached it up the condition of my hair grew weaker and weaker until Chaplins introduced me to Redken Extreme and only then did I start to feel hopeful that I would have my lovely luscious hair back again.

To read more about these Redken products take a look at my previous Redken blog post here

So back to my trip to the Salon last Wednesday. 🙂


While Siobhan was blow drying my hair we were chatting about these new braid trends and how much we love them. I was explaining to her that with my hair so broken at the crown of my head its hard for me to get a grip and place it into braids – especially when my hair is freshly washed it just doesn’t work. ( Anyone else have this problem? )

Before I knew, it Siobhan wizzed off and came back with this little beauty of a product. The Redken Braid Aid 03.


The Redken Braid Aid 03 is a defining hair lotion for braids and twists. It was designed by Redken to add smoothness and grip to make braiding and twisting hair easier and last that bit longer.


It was specially formulated to help you achieve a Crown Braid, Double Braid and Side Braids – Considering these are the latest hair trends, especially for festival seasons I would say this product is a life saver!

How to use the Redken Braid Aid 03:

It’s easy! You simply apply to damp or dry hair and braid as desired. For added control apply a small amount to your fingertips before you braid – just for a little extra grip.


I would recommend this little beauty to anybody who likes to braid or twist their hair. You also only need to use a small bit of product each time, the tube will last you a few weeks/months 🙂

You can buy Redken Braid Aid in Chaplins Hair Salon, Dundalk for €14.95 🙂

If you would like to book into Chaplins for a hair consultation or just a chat to know more about Redken products that may suit your hair visit their facebook page here or contact them on (042) 93- 30066 🙂

Keep up to date on my hair journey through my snapchat:  bellaleesblog and my facebook page bellaleesblog

Thats all for now, 🙂

Much love,

Shannon ❤



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