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Dermalogica Facial at Aura Beauty

Hello Beauty Lovers,

aura beautyI went for my very first Dermalogica Facial yesterday at Aura Beauty Salon in Seatown, Dundalk, and I just HAD to share my experience with you! ❤

I will go into detail about my Dermalogica facial in just a moment but firstly I just want to mention a little about Aura Beauty, as a salon.

The moment I walked in the door I felt like I was standing in a very professional environment. The Salon itself was beautifully laid out with a gorgeous makeup area ( I could almost write a blog alone on this little area – I fell in love) and displays of products with everything so neat and tidy. The girls I met were Lorna & Orla who were just so welcoming and made me feel very comfortable when I came in 🙂

I was booked in with Orla for my Dermalogica Facial and wow she was amazing! Her knowledge alone amazed me about the skin & she was kind enough to educate me about my own skin type and condition when she seen that I had an interest in the topic. The facial itself was so relaxing and I could feel my skin revitalizing through out the whole treatment!

The Dermalogica Facial is an hour long and each treatment for each individual is different. The treatment you receive is adapted to what type of skin you have which I personally think is fantastic because you know your skin is getting exactly what it needs.

There is a lot of steps in a Dermalogica Facial – 8 to be exact. So I am going to go through each product that I received for each step and give you a little information on it just to give you an insight of what Dermalogica products can do.

**But remember the facial my skin needed may not be what your skin needs. Unfortunately my skin isn’t in good condition at the moment which is why this treatment was a perfect time for me. Dermalogica Facials are for all skin types, I’m just sharing my experience with you for an example 🙂 **


Now onto my Dermalogica Facial Step by Step: 🙂

Orla began with a PreCleanse on my face followed by a Skin
Resurfacing Cleanser which is a highly-active Lactic Acid concentrate which helps re-texturize skithat’s suffering from visible signs of aging by removing dulling surface debris and helping accelerate cell turnover.

Exfoliate: This took place over 3 steps:

18035559_1049500235183153_1258841611_nStep 1: Exfoliant Accelerator which was used to help remove dulling and dead surface cells and also stimulate cell renewal and turnover.

Step 2: MultiVitamin Thermafoliant was then used to remove the Exfoliant Accelerator but its also a self-heating skin polisher that refines skin texture, promotes skin firmness and enhances penetration of age-fighting vitamins into the skin.

Step 3: Daily Microfoliant was then used to remove the MultiVitamin Thermafoliant.

Tone:  For toning Orla used the UltraCalming Mist on my skin which is a soothing,
hydrating mist to help calm redness, sensitivity and inflammation.

Target & Treat: The Ultracalming Serum Concentrate was used here to add lipids in between the cells of my skin which I was lacking – again I never would have known this only for Orla explained the condition of my skin.

Moisturize:  Intensive Moisture Balance – this was to smooth away the appearance of dry lines and damage for dry skin. It has Vitamins C, E and A present which help in the areas of softening the skin, shielding against free readical damage and repairing prematurely-aging skin.

Moisturize, Protect & Prime: Solar Defense Booster SPF50 was used in this step which adds critical UVA and UVB defenses to your moisturizer and also can act as a barrier for 18051763_1049500265183150_1886559813_nmy skin which is perfect for me since I have a lack of lipids between my cells.

Eye Treatment: Multivitamin Power Firm which is a powerful firming complex that helps combat lines around the delicate eye area.

Masque: Here Orla used MultiVitamin Power & Collidal to sooth and replenish my skin after an intense deep cleanse. 🙂

By the end of the hour my skin felt as soft as a new born baby’s skin, completely revitalized and replenished as if it were brand new.

So after my first experience of a Dermalogica Facial I would highly recommend it to anyone along with Aura Beauty Salon – my all over experience yesterday was fantastic! From the treatment to the beautifully kept salon and the lovely staff.

Hope you enjoyed this review… & if you would like to book in with Aura Beauty Salon for a Dermalogica Facial or find out more information on it just click here to visit their facebook page or call (042) – 93 – 86867 (:

Shannon ❤



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