Hollywood Sign Hike

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign



This was one of the major things on my bucket list to do when I arrived to L.A – See the Hollywood sign. (such a tourist) Firstly we went to the Griffith Observatory which was pretty cool and gives you a great view over the city and the Hollywood sign but it was overcast when we got there so my pictures aren’t to clear. ( which is why they are not in this post )

A few days later we decided to do the Hollywood sign hike. I wish I had of taken more heed to the word HIKE and actually bring water with me, Between the heat and the hike itself – I highly recommend keeping yourself hydrated throughout the hike. Despite being seriously dehydrated and parched I absolutely loved this hike!

From the beginning to the end the views are just breath taking. Even though there is hiking posts along the trail it isn’t very clear with directions so you kind of have to guess your way to the sign – which for me was all the more fun 🙂


Along the hike there was a lot of people horseback riding up to the sign, bike riding, running…you name it this trail is for everybody! I was very surprised that I didn’t come across much wildlife but I guess because of it being a place that is busy with people they wouldn’t be out in the open much.


When I reached the sign in good view it didn’t disappoint. It is exactly like what you see in the movies! Oh speaking of movies, you know that movie “Friends with benefits” when Justin Timberlake gets rescued off the Hollywood sign by a helicopter? Well yep that can actually happen. You aren’t allowed up close near the sign and especially not allowed on it or the helicopter will be out! 


All in all I think this hike took about 2 hours from start to finish 🙂


If you are going to LA and you like the outdoorsy, nature side of things I highly recommend this hike!


Catch up soon for more of my American experiences – one down….a good few more to go 🙂



Shannon Lee,



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