Making my move to L.A

– Part one – Intro –


I’ve decided to include my American experiences on my blog to share with you all. Also I guess it will show you a little more about me and how I ended up where I am now. This blog post is just the foundation of my trip to America, I just wanted to share with you why I was there and how I ended up visiting the places I’m going to tell you about.


So last year I moved to Los Angeles on a 9 month working visa with a British soccer coach company for kids. I honestly don’t know how I got the job considering I was awful at soccer, but my big advantage was that I loved working with kids and had a lot of experience with them from being a swimming instructor for 3 years prior. ( I’m kind of a jack of all trades lol ). So I’m sure you can guess by now that I didn’t go to America for the coaching. I went for the American experience and to see more of the world! – Can you blame me? It’s America!!


The weeks coming up to leaving for L.A were super busy with sorting visas out, flying to England for coaching weekends, getting flights booked and saying my goodbyes. Then before I knew it my alarm was going off at 3am to head to Dublin Airport to catch my 8am flight to the City of Angles. I was lucky I landed myself a direct flight which was 9-10hours so no messing jumping from plane to plane.


When I arrived in L.A it was 8am US time and the first thing I noticed was the heat followed by how jet lagged I was.

My first day and night was spent in a hotel near LAX that I got to in a yellow cab – Yep just like you see in the movies…although I wasn’t as graceful when flagging it down but anywhoooo…I slept all day and awake all night (body still on Irish time) this happened for the first 3 weeks – every night but it was good in a way because I was able to keep in touch with home at the right times 🙂


With the company I went over to work with you had to stay with American familys, for them to experience our culture and for us to embrace theirs. Also the pay wasn’t great so it wasn’t possible to live off the wages if you had to pay rent and bills.


Living with family’s was a great experience, most of the time. I got some pretty crazy, funny, awkward and just plain old wanting the floor to swallow you up there and then stories from my experiences but that’s for another day, another blog post……maybe.


I moved 3 times while I lived in L.A and safe to say the whole “3rd time’s a charm” saying could never have been more true! The third family I lived with became my Family away from home and still to this day there isn’t a week that goes by where we aren’t in contact! They made my experience the best possible experience and are the reason I discovered what I want to do with my life – I’ll introduce you to them in my next few blog posts 🙂


My time in America was amazing and I got to visit some great places such as Los Angeles, Malibu, Venice, Hollywood, El Dorado, Canyon Country, Corona, Diamond Bar, Las Vegas, Fallon, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Portland and Palm Springs but for my future travel blogs I’ll only be discussing my main favourite places and experiences – unless you guys have a place in that list that you would like me to tell you about, just send me a message and I’ll do so 🙂

So this is the end of my intro….which place and experience will I share with you first? Keep an eye on my blog to find out 🙂


Chat soon,

Shannon Lee



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