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lip scrub p

Hello there, 🙂

So last week or the week before ( days are rolling into eachother lol ) I wrote a blog reviewing the ”Ps …. Love to Glow Facemask” from Penney’s and I’ve decided to follow up on it by reviewing the ”Ps…Pro Lip Scrub” 🙂

I got the ”Ps…Pro Lip Scrub” from Penney’s in The Marshes Shopping Center, Dundalk a few weeks back and I’ve been using it once or twice a week depending on if my lips have a lot of dry skin or not.

It is only €3.50 and comes in a little white box & silver writing ( I thought it looked very neat and professional ) with a 10g clear pot and white lid inside. I’ll admit I was expecting the pot to be a bit bigger then what it was, but it does seem to last a good length of time ( for me anyways 🙂 ).

When you open the pot there is a second lid inside – like a sealing lid to prevent any mess or spillage which is great! The lip scrub itself is enriched with Vitamin E & Almond Oil so if your not one for a sweet tasting lip product then this lip scrub isn’t for you.

lip scrub

I apply it onto my lips using only a thin layer, a thin layer is all you need. The first time I used this scrub I put a little to much on and well…. I was eating it lol. So using only a thin layer I buff it around my lips in small circular motions and then rubbing my lips together a few times before I rinse it off. You can really feel the almond oil and vitamin E working their nourishing magic into your lips 🙂

I remove it with a cotton pad or sometimes I rinse it off, it kind of depends really but either way it leaves my lips feeling nourished, soft, moist and free of dead skin – completely revitalised! 😀

So as far as lip scrubs go I think this little gem is great to have as part of your skin care routine at only the cost of €3.50 if you don’t mind your lips tasting oh so sweet. ❤

Have you tried this lip scrub?

Chat soon,

Shannon Lee,



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