Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation

Hello Beautiful Ladies 🙂

A lot of you might have heard about this beauty of a bargain foundation. I’ve been hearing good and bad about it so I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you 🙂

Catrice’s HD Liquid Coverage foundation is possibly one of my favourite bargain foundations I’ve tried so far – ( and I’ve tried ALOT!!! ). Obviously it can’t be compared to the likes of big brands like Mac, Inglot, Makeup Forever foundations etc…but for it being a foundation that you can buy for €7.95….YEP…..€7.95! in pharmacy’s and penney’s, I think it a pretty good deal 🙂

hd liquid foundation.jpgI bought the shade 010 and 040 which is the lightest and darkest shade so that I could mix them up to get the exact shade that I want. If you are very pale then you will definitely need the 010 shade but it could still possibly be to dark, there is only 4 shades available in this range which leaves me puzzled but maybe they will add more of a variety for different skin tones at some stage!

I’ve been buffing the foundation onto my skin using my usual foundation brush – Bare Minerals smoothing face. The lid is also an application dropper which I like but it can cause you to use more product then you need.

I find a little goes a long way with this foundation! It buffs onto the skin smoothly, it doesn’t cling to dry areas of the face and I find it leaves you with a beautiful, flawless even complexion.

It is a mattifying foundation – yes it does take away the appearance of excess oil on your skin but it manages to do so without leaving you looking flat or feeling caked!

Now for the cons – I do find that I have to go over it with translucent powder especially around my T-zone (joys of combination skin) because it oxidises with the skin after a few hours, which is a little annoying but hey…. it is only €7.95! The only other thing I have to say about it is it can appear to have a slightly grey tinge to it – mainly from the 010 shade but it can be easily camouflaged by some contour, highlight and blush if this happens to you 🙂

Overall I think Catrice’s HD Liquid Coverage foundation is a great little gem to have in your makeup kit weather your on a budget or just for a rainy day – you cant go wrong 🙂

Have you tried it out?

If you have any other hidden little gems that you like please share I’d love to hear from you!

Chat soon,

Shannon Lee



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