Skin Care

Ps Love to Glow Face Mask

”Ready … Steady … Glow !!”



I’m sure you will realise soon that I love a good bargain – especially when it turns out to be a great product! It’s a win win 😀

I was shopping in Penney’s ( Primark ) the other day in the Marshes Shopping Center in Dundalk when I came across this facemask – I love to try new skincare products just as much as I love to experiment with new makeup, so when I seen that this little beauty was only €3.50 of course it went to the checkout with me!

Penney’s PS Pro range has become a favourite of mine – from their makeup products to brushes and now skincare…. Is there anything Penney’s don’t have? 😀

The product comes in a little 50ml jar with a grey lid – I’ve actually dropped my jar on my bathroom tiles and it didn’t break… so big thumbs up from me on the packaging 😀

This facemask is the PS …. Love to glow face mask with argan oil & vitamin E. It claims to be a rich, luxurious exfoliating face mask, to help smooth, soften and brighten dull tired skin. – I may not have dull skin but with being in college as a makeup artist I put my skin through a lot during the weeks.

The instructions tell you to apply a think layer to clean skin while avoiding the eyes, leave for 10 minutes then rinse off using warm water.

So after I cleansed my face I began applying a thin layer onto my skin and when doing so I noticed the tiny exfoliating beads in the mask! Not to rough or harsh on the skin which I loved! While I was leaving it for the 10 minutes I began to feel it tingling and drying while my skin tightened.

When the time was up I rinsed my face in warm water while giving it a slight massage to give my skin a good clean with the exfoliating beads.

My skin felt soft & refreshed afterwards which I think is from the argan oil and vitamin E. I also received a few compliments on my makeup free glowing complexion so I would definitely say it brightens up the skin.

For me this product is an all over winner from it only costing €3.50, not being harsh on the skin and its radiant end results. I will definitely be buying this again 🙂

Have you tried this little beauty? Let me know what you thought of it or if you have a product recommendation for me to try I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Chat soon,

Shannon Lee



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